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Friends and Family Test Results Archive

Between July and December 2016, the practice received 46 responses to the Friends and Family Test either by postcard, online submissions or via the practice App. Of those 46 responses, 96% said that they would be either extremely likely or likely to recommend South Wight Medical Practice to their friends and family. 


Between January and March 2016 the Practice recieved feedback from 17 patients and of these, 16 said that they were either extremely likely or likely to recommend the Practice to friends and family. 5% of patient responses were submitted via the Practice website with the remaining 95% completed at the surgery using the Friends and Family Test Cards or following a home visit by the Doctor.



Between July 2015 and December 2015 the Practice received 44 responses and of these, 43 responders said that they were either extremely likely or likely to recommend our Practice to friends and family.  95% of these responses were submitted via the Friends and Family Test cards completed by patients attending the surgery or following a home visit by the Doctor. Just two submissions during this period were made online via the Practice website.



Between March and June 2015 the Practice received 58 responses to our Friends and Family Test. We are pleased to share that over 98% of responders felt that they were either extremely likely or likely to recommend the Practice to their  Friends and Family.

We received 58 responses in total during this 4 month period; the majority of these were submitted via our Friends and Family Test card which is available at the reception desk at all three surgeries.


In December 2014 we received 69 responses, over 95% of which said they were either likely, or extremely likely, to recommend our Practice to friends and family. In January 2015 the total number of responses fell to 33, with all but 2 being either likely, or extremely likely, to recommend the Practice (almost 94%). In February 2014 we received just 19 responses, but 100% of those received said they were either extremely likely, or likely, to recommend us to friends and family.

During the three months the overwhelming majority of responses were completed on postcards within the surgeries, and only 5 responses in total (2 in December and January, and one in February) have been completed online.

In response to “Please give a reason for your answer” we received 112 responses from patients who did not object to their comments being made public. A large number of these reasons were very positive, and largely complementary, about the service they received. A small number of comments were either less enthusiastic or offered some form of criticism of aspects of our service that we are looking into:

  • Very caring service
  • I have never had anything other than gratitude and praise for all my treatment
  • Always receive good service whether Doctor or Nurse appointments
  • Patients are given time and I feel the Doctor is actually listening
  • Would be lost without you and lovely girls
  • I asked for an appointment at 1530 and was given one for 1800 the same day, there was minimal wait.
  • Friendly.
  • Local.
  • Personable care, fitting me in last minute despite travel plans to discuss results.
  • Very helpful in telling us about our illness we would like to thank you all.
  • I have always been treated fairly and have no complaints.
  • Because you have always helped with all I need.
  • Very friend GP service – good GP.
  • Historically satisfied.
  • Extremely friendly and competent staff.
  • All in the Practice smile, give their time freely and are so very helpful.
  • I find the GPs very approachable and they listen
  • Always friendly and helpful.  All services catered for.
  • The standard of care and treatment I have received over 40 years has been excellent.
  • Very friend and good care and I find the repeat prescription service A1.  When needing an appointment I never failed to attain one.
  • Always found quick treatment, in appointments and prescriptions
  • Don't really have a choice - this is a public service, not commerce.
  • Excellent service - but no option anyway.
  • Great doctor & receptionist but poor booking system.
  • Overall a very good service but difficult to get an appointment unless it is an emergency appointment.
  • I would recommend the practice, but as most of my family live on the mainland it wouldn't be much use to them.
  • Slight admin confusion at times.
  • Too long waiting time if you are unwell.

The final question in the Friends & Family Test asked “If we could change one thing that would have improved your visit to us today, what would it be?". We received a large selection of responses and a significant number of these were again very positive and stated that the service we offer either could not, or did not need to be, improved upon. The comments that we received which made suggestions for improvement are again listed below and we are looking into whether we can act upon these.

  • A fridge mounted diagram of when the dispensary was going to be open
  • A slightly cooler waiting room!
  • At this present time there is nothing I can think of apart from Dr Gabi staying.
  • Better parking.
  • Better timekeeping
  • Coffee
  • Coffee machine.
  • Doctors punctuality
  • Had to see nurses today so do not have to wait. Usually a long wait to see a doctor.
  • Improve if possible waiting times re appointments.
  • It may be a great help to some if you had appointments on Saturday.
  • It's a tough time of year, and some (most) days everything runs smoothly ... but waiting for almost an hour is a long haul!
  • Keep on time.
  • Keep to appointment times
  • Make more appointments available. I work shifts it is almost impossible to make an appointment in advance.
  • More routine appointments available.
  • Not waiting so long to see Dr.
  • Nothing except parking!!
  • Nothing except running on time! But I'm not really bothered about that.
  • Nothing today - the only general item is some outside lighting at Brighstone.
  • Parking.
  • PRIVATE chatter from the prescriptions desk!
  • Soft music, mince pies.
  • Some idea of how long the waiting time will be after the appointment time.
  • To be seen promptly.

Action Plan:

The results were discussed at a Practice meeting and felt some of the comments were helpful and will be researched with a view to possible implementation:

  • Fridge mounted diagram would be useful for patients of opening times of the Dispensary – research costs with a view to implementing.
  • Process for ordering prescriptions on line is not always straight forward – patients encouraged to seek the advice of the Dispensers to explain the system.
  • Light sensor at Brighstone for patients arriving at the surgery would be useful – research cost with a view to implementing.
  • GPs arrived late for surgery with no apology – to be discussed with the Doctors to see if there are improvements that can be made, or whether the appointments system can be adjusted to provide smooth working.
  • Private chatter from the Prescription desk – staff reminded to be aware of patients in the surgery, confidentiality glass quote to be arranged with a view to minimizing overhearing of conversations and installing glass.
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