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Access To Records

Applying for Access to your Medical Records

If you wish to see your medical records there are certain steps to take:

  • You must apply in writing and state what it is you wish to see, eg relating to a particular episode or problem, with dates. Before the doctor can comply with the request he has to be able to identity you as the applicant, be able to locate the required information, and be sure that you are entitled to apply to see the records in question.
  • Access may be withheld for the following reasons:

    1. if there has not been a reasonable interval since the previous time of access.

    2. if disclosure would be likely to cause serious harm to your mental or physical health, or that of any other person.

    3. if disclosing the records means giving information about a third party, unless the other person consents.
  • The correct fee must be paid in advance and the doctor will be able to assess the amount from the information you give in your application. The fee will be between £10 and £50, dependent on what information you require and whether you need copies.
  • Once you have paid the required fee, you will be given access within 40 days.
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